Dear Phil


Thank you so much for conducting the service for Doris Wisdom on Tuesday.  All of us were so very pleased with it.  Doris's sister and brother in law made a special point of saying how nice it was and how well you spoke and handled it all.  The immediate family were all really happy that it went so well. 


I would like to say a big thank you from me personally once again for your help and patience with my trying to get the order of service completed and apologies for what must have seemed like continuous changes.  It was quite a hard task to get the three siblings to make decisions which fitted them all but with patience John got there. (Quick decision making not something any of them find easy.)


As a result of a tiny bit of concern by some members of the family regarding Jan's reading, I felt it politic to request that final change and hoped it would fit with you.  I certainly did not expect you to be sitting at the pc waiting for us and all our communications so I really appreciate your arranging that at the very last minute and hope it didn’t cause too much hastle for you. 


Thank you again for a truly well delivered and conducted service, It was so very personal and exactly the right thing for Doris and the family.  It was very well received by all concerned and I know Doris would have felt it fitted perfectly. 


Kind regards and my best wishes to you and your family.