Forgive me for not writing before, as you can imagine it has been quite a week – in fact it is really difficult to believe it is only a week, in some ways it feels like a lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for your help and support in making Dad’s funeral such a wonderful send off.  I could not have wished for it to be a better tribute to him and would not have changed a thing.  Even the Cornish music theme at the end worked so well, and had the desired effect of lifting people’s spirits as they left the chapel.  I would never have been able to write the Eulogy in the way that you did, and whilst it may have been my information that you used, the words you wrote made it so much easier for me to read and, judging by comments, made it a thoroughly enjoyable and moving tale to listen to.  As you say he was a remarkable man, a thing we probably took for granted and it was good to make people aware of how much he had achieved and enjoyed in his very long life.  Thank you so much for sending me the entire service, I will cherish it and hope that future generations will be able to find out a little about their amazing great grandfather by reading it in decades to come.   So thank you again, and who knows perhaps our paths will cross again – I hope so.