I know Dad wants to write to you personally but I just wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for Mum's service on Tuesday. All the family were really touched at how personal you made the service, you had really listened to the things we had said about her and communicated our love and grief perfectly. Dad, Dave, Jason and I all said that as soon as we met you we were confident you would do a great job!   I was so worried about our eulogy. When you have pored over the words for so long I was anxious that somebody else wouldn't be able to get across the sentiment, but you read it much better than I could have done and we all felt that it wasn't just being read out, there was real feeling.   I had so many comments saying that you were excellent what a lovely send-off it was. The tone you set was heartfelt and not overly sombre. One of my friends, whose father's funeral it it next week, made some hurried notes after as she didn't think that her celebrant's words were as personal as yours!   Thank you once again, we could't have asked for a better service.